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IPTV Information

A: IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, and is the newest way to recieve channels from all over the world, from any where in the world where there is an Internet connection.

A: You require a stable Internet connection from a respected provider, you would also require Unlimited Bandwidth with your provider. IPTV uses more than the average Internet user would use, so check with your provider or contact us before you buy.

A: This varies with the type of channels and the type of streams you watch. You require at least a 3mb connection for stable uninterupted service for most of the TV channels availble, and we recommend a minimum of a 8mb connection for your HD channels. Visit to test your Internet Speed.

A: If you have a stable Internet connection then YES our service has no Downtime at all, maintenance can happen at any time to improve the service but your viewing will not be affected during primetime hours.

A: Streams are what you view on your TV screen when you select a channel, and Downtime means time without the TV service being available. If you need any more help please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

A: Yes you can use any Mag 250 or 254 if you access to the portal section on your Mag 250/254, you can change the URL to ours and connect within minutes

Feel free to contact us if you cant find what your looking for here.....

Android TV Information

A: If you have a stable Internet connection with speeds of more than 3mb (HD streams are more) then yes you can get all the latest Movies and TV series and UK Freeview channels, 100% of the time with many Kodi Addons, some other UK premium channels are available but can not be guaranteed, as the streams and links are provided for free by other users in the Kodi enviroment. Updates keep on top of channel and database updates on a daily basis.

A: Yes, with a team of active users of Kodi here at UKTV Spain, we always maintain and update our Kodi App.

A: Kodi is a media centre designed to bring all your media together in one place, and make it available online and at multiple locations. The Kodi Community has been growing for many years and was formerly know as XBMC, you have many places to obtain addons to receive all the available media online and most addon providers continue to grow with content avaible and updates are very frequent.

A: Our Android TV boxes come with Kodi fully installed for you and the updates happen in the background when you are using Kodi to watch your favorite TV Series or Tv Channel. The menu has other tools to improve your viewing experiance and maintaining our Android box is easy, no need to return your box for an update in a few months time. You will be prompted of any major updates needed on your TV screen, and this can be done from your remote control and in minutes.

A: Apart from the 2 year manufacturer's warranty, we can not offer any guarantee on Kodi itself, although we do stand strong as a member of the Kodi Community and beleive, it is, without doubt the future or IPTV.

A: Yes you can add any of our IPTV services to your Android TV Box and the price is the same as our IPTV prices.

Feel free to contact us if you cant find what your looking for here.....

Using your IPTV Set Top Box

Setting Up Your Box

Using your Android TV Box

Setting Up Your Box

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